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David LaCrone

1218 days ago
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Ben J Brainstorming Citizen Engagement
High Level Questions:
• What solutions already exist? We need to create an inventory.
     - websites
     - walk-in locations
• What has been effective, what has failed? What has the highest engagement? If engagement is low, why?
• Of the many problems we can offer a solution to, which one costs the city the most? Where can we focus and make the biggest impact initially?
• Can we leverage Cisco's "smart city" infrastructure to deliver communications to citizens at many touch-points throughout the city? (information kiosks like the library is currently testing)
User Story: 
Bob or Brenda the plumber need to know all city ordinances that affect their business. When an ordinance changes or a new ordinance is introduced, they should automatically be notified.
Solution Ideas:
• Allow contractors to subscribe to notices
  • - send in a text to register
  • - visit a website to register
  • - walk-in somewhere and register
  • - call-in and register
• When an action is taken that affects a contractor, alerts should be sent 
  • - text/sms
  • - email
  • - mail
  • - automated phone call (twilio)
  • - presentation/outreach by city employees
  • - "pull" method (a website listing latest changes, social media communications)
• Publish ordinance updates on social media (facebook, twitter, instagram)
  • - train city employees on how to be effective in communicating on social platforms, develop a process that anyone can follow (look to KCMO PD for examples)
User Story: 
Citizens need to be informed about all candidates in an election that pertains to them. They need to be able to locate candidates within their school district, precinct, ward, etc., without knowing anything more than their address.
Solution Ideas:
• Create a website where a user can input their address, or click on a region on a map, and locate pertinent information.
User Story: 
Citizens need to be able to receive status updates about 311 cases they (or others) have filed.
Solution Ideas:
• Call-in and receive an automated status update
• Receive a text update when the status of a case you're following changes
• Receive an email update when the status of a case you're following changes
David L -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Ben J User Story: 
David L Residents are affected by public transit route changes and street closures because of events, races and construction.
Ben J Solution Ideas:
David L
  • Website to view all closures and re-routes by date on a map or calendar
  • Opt-in process for citizens so they can select routes and streets
  • text message or email notifications for route changes according to zip code, neighborhood, route number or street name
  • Notification when service is back to normal?
Ben J -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
User Story: 
Someone (new to town) has a question about the city, but they don't know where to turn.
Solution Ideas:
• Create a single point of contact (call-center) and heavily market it around the city (posters in the library, on buses, bus stops, city buildings). -- KCMO 411
• Allow people to engage with a real person to ask questions and either receive an answer or guidance to help them locate an answer.
• Click a link and start a remote support session.

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