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Paul Barham

921 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Paul Barham 921 days ago
Paul B Please goto http://codeforkc.org/hackkc-projects.html for information about the projects that are being worked on.
This page is now out of date.
To add yourself to a team, go down to the Projects section and add your name.
929 days ago
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Paul B
  • n-hood project data
956 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Paul Barham , Mary Howe 956 days ago
Paul B
June 6th to 7th
Join local designers, developers, doers and
thinkers with a passion for making local government work better
through technology.
SIGN UP for Hack Kansas City which takes place June 6-7, 2015 at
the UMKC School of Law. Join local designers, developers, doers and
thinkers with a passion for making local government work better
through technology.
 What is Hack Kansas City?
A place for creating Civic Good by bringing together urbanists, hackers,
government staff, developers, designers and community organizers
to collaborate in building new solutions using publicly-released data,
open technology and design processes.
Mary H Frustrated with traditional hackathons? Hack KC starts with a two-day event, but we plan for projects to continue through the fall.  Code for KC will support your team and help you create a great civic project.
Paul B This is a part of National Day of Civic Hacking
Who should come?
Anyone can participate. You just have to care about your neighborhood and community. 
Mary H At the very least we need:
  • People with vision and passion
  • People with expertise in all sorts of areas (see project ideas below)
  • Usability designers and graphic designers
  • Writers
  • Coders and testers
  • You!
Paul B What can I work on?
We have projects planned, but if you have an idea, let's hear it. Planned projects include: 
Mary H
  • Helping neighborhoods find and use the information they need. For example, what new businesses are opening? What building demolitions are planned? What upcoming road projects will affect the neighborhood?  Read more >>
  • Transportation solutions for bus and streetcar riders, cyclists and pedestrians.  Read more >>
Paul B
  • Raising awareness about historic places we are losing in KCRead more >>
Mary H
  • Mapping good things in KC such as STEM projects, where to get flu shots, where to get your taxes done, and much more.  Read more >>
 How do I get involved?
Paul B
  1. First. sign up. It is freeeeee!
Mary H
  1. Check out the ideas we have, or come up with some of your own.
  1. Submit a project, or connect to an existing project.
Paul B We are in the process of forming teams now, and also have some ideas
that need leaders.  See the ideas, projects, and teams at our HackPad
In the next two weeks we will start scheduling team meetings (either in person, by phone or online).  This way we
can make sure each team has what it needs on the day of Hack KC.
What will I get out of it?
You'll work on solving local problems with your ideas. Do you think that one of your
idea can change your town or have a positive impact in your group
of people? Bring your idea notebook with you and start making a
positive change in your local community.
You'll build your network. HACK KC works hard to recruit high quality,
driven entrepreneurs- like you!
You'll learn new skills. With a whole weekend dedicated to letting your
creative juices flow, HACK KC are perfect opportunities to work on
a new platform, learn a new programming language, or give marketing
a try.  With nothing to lose there‚Äôs no reason not to step outside
your comfort zone.
You'll have fun. During the weekend working alongside awesome people who
share your ideas. HACK KC is meant to be fun and entertaining so
enjoy it.
Do I need to live in KC?
Mary H Don't let that stop you.  We want to help the entire Kansas City area and would love to have you.
Paul B Can't make it?
 No worries, you can still help by looking at the Civic Issue Finder
and finding a something to work on any time.
 Prior to June 6th: There will be at least on team meeting, face to face or electronic, 
  •  to determine team members, and 
  •  resources that will be needed for the project.
Mary H Saturday you will:
Paul B
  • Get your team together
  • Define the problem and solution
  • Start on the design and coding of your solution
Sunday you will:
  • Create a road map for the project
  • Present your work to date
In July teams will present progress at an all-hands meeting.  Date TBD.
In October/November final presentations will be made along with celebration. Date TBD.
Mary H Details
Paul B
  • Saturday June 6th
10:00 Registration               Arrive and get checked in
10:30 Project Pitches             5 minutes for each team to pitch their project
11:00 Form Teams                 This is the opportunity for those that are not on a team to find a team they can join.
11:15 Ice Breaker
960 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Paul Barham 960 days ago
Paul B Moving forward from UMKC Prototype Jam to National Day of Civic Hacking
White board notes from the discussion about collaboration on legal projects between city's during NDoCH June 6th & 7th.
Please add/update.
  • Muni-ID
  • Boston
  • Data Sharing Agreement
  • Boston
  • SF/NY???
  • UMKC Law School
  • Brooklyn Law School
  • MIT/M-L
  • Code For America
  • Boston
  • KC
  • Legal hackers
  • MIT: Workshops - spirit of harmony 
  • OIDC 4 Cities
Next Steps:
  • Touch Base ~ 1 Week
  • Charrette w/NYAG - BigData
  • Shoot 90=second videos + 1-page Descriptions
  • Use Appathon platform to create repository for all prospective projects
  • Loop in City
  • Form LLC
  • Paul will contact Boston Brigade Captain, Harland about collaboration on projects on NDoCH
980 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Paul Barham 980 days ago
Paul B Went through workflows for git on the Project-hubs
ng directory has controllers and services
gen.js - has js that gets data from cfa api
data.html in views
1028 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Paul Barham 1028 days ago
Ron House
Paul B Oleh Kovalchuke
Ethan Wang
We are trying to figure out how to scan the CFA repository using the API to pick out projects, and ended up talking about categorizing them by Civic Area (Transportation, Health...) where they are in the development cycle (Idea, Define, Refine, Develop, Deliver), Technology they use and how to visually represent them, on a map with a card for each project, hopefully with the projects that we could redeploy successfully at the top of the list.  We know it is a bit more data than is in GitHub, and are trying to figure that out.
BetaNYC sent a link to their civic.json project https://github.com/BetaNYC/civic.json/ 
A specification of the civic.json metadata standard for civic technology projects
Also other Brigades Project lists:
The Code for America API I referred to last night. Tracks and motivates activity and participation across the civic technology movement. 
Note that CFA has a repo project-ideas and this one is interesting
1106 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Paul Barham 1106 days ago
Paul B
  • Dec 1, 2014
Bill Mullens
Jo Elliott
Ryan Tramel

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